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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Squat Challenge

I learned of a squat challenge on Facebook. You do from 20 to 100 squats a day for one month. I'm on day four. I am looking forward to the rest of the month! I usually only do 45 squats a WEEK. This week I will do a total of 190, Lord willing. The schedule is written for squats without weights but for now I'm doing the squats with weights. Excited!
Dec. 17th: 20 squats Dec. 27th: 65 squats Jan 6th: 60 squats
Dec. 18th:  25 squats Dec. 28th: 70 squats Jan. 7th: 100 squats
Dec. 19th: 30 squats Dec. 29th: 75 squats Jan. 8th: 65 squats
Dec. 20th: 35 squats Dec. 30th: 80 squats Jan. 9th 70 squats
Dec. 21st: 40 squats Dec. 31st: 90 squats Jan. 10th: 100 squats
Dec. 22nd: 45 squats Jan. 1st: 95 squats Jan. 11th: REST
Dec. 23rd: 50 squats Jan. 2nd: 100 squats Jan. 12th: 80 squats
Dec. 24th: 55 squats Jan. 3rd: 100 squats Jan. 13th: 85 squats
Dec. 25th: 60 squats Jan. 4th: 50 squats Jan. 14th: 90 squats
Dec. 26th: REST Jan. 5th: 55 squats Jan. 15: 100 squats

Less fatigue?

This week I developed a schedule in which I’m only doing strength training three days a week. For about eight months I've been working on one body part a day, six days a week. That became too taxing with the medication I’m taking. I love my new gym routine. I think I was burned out from doing strength training six days a week.
I started the full dose of a medication for MS about four weeks ago. Sometimes I feel like I’m on chemotherapy. My hair is more thin and I have flu like symptoms and blah blah blah.
I changed the timing of the medication. I’m taking it before bedtime. If I’m at work on an injection day, I take the medication late at about 0300.
Wednesday I had a great day. I kept waiting for the fatigue to come and IT NEVER CAME. I was ecstatic. I had the opportunity to sort some old clothing that has been in my trunk since September! And I was able to drop it off to two friends. I loved the “Ooooohhhh!” squeal I heard from my friend Tina when her son told her I was at the door. I’m surprised she didn't think I was a ghost. I don’t go out usually any more due to fatigue. I was so happy to be out! I also dropped a second set of clothing to my friend Marie. They both live miles apart and miles from me. It was so good to see my sweet friends.
I think Wednesday was awesome because I had DOUBLE the protein I usually eat. I think I've been shortchanging myself. At some point, some months ago, I couldn't finish the eight egg whites I used to eat. I started eating only four egg whites.
So it may be that some of my fatigue has been due to lack of protein in the morning. So yesterday I had a veggie protein shake with hemp, brown rice, green peas, and chia seeds. Then later in the morning after working out I had four egg whites with green peppers, red onions, and fresh ground black pepper. I felt great the entire day. I had no fatigue until 7:30 PM which is a more reasonable hour to have fatigue.
I was not able to repeat that breakfast plan today because when I got home from the gym the kids made gingerbread houses. What a ridiculous lunch of Hershey Kisses, Life Savers, spice drops, and liquid filled gummy drops. I decided to do a modified fast for a few hours. I worked on finishing my gallon of water for the day. Then for dinner I had a double portion of salmon.
Tomorrow I will try that same breakfast I had yesterday and I will have CLEAN food!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So much has changed. I'm on a full dose of disease modifying medication. It's an injection taken every other day. The needle doesn't hurt but the medication burns! The dose was titrated to full strength over time. I've been on the full dose since this past Monday. It makes me feel very tired. I have been experimenting with the best time to take the medication. I used to take it in the mornings and that was a terrible time to take it. The medication gives you flu like symptoms and so I was feeling so poorly for much of the day. I spoke to Titi, a nurse certified in MS and assigned to me by the manufacturer of the medication. One of the options we discussed was taking the medication at my bedtime if I'm off from work. If I'm at work I take it late, a few  hours before I leave at 0730.

I had to eliminate or switch some of the 24 sites for injection. It hurt so much in my abdomen and the top of my thighs. The medication was going in my muscle and not in the fat.  I am now giving the medication on the side of my thighs rather than the top of my thighs. I have a lot more fat on the side of my thighs. I'm going to try giving an injection on the bottom side of my belly rather than the front. The front I can't tolerate at all!

I visited my primary care doctor yesterday to discuss some peculiar lab results with him. I mentioned my fatigue from my medication. He decided to order a B12 injection for me. I think it helped. I feel better than I have been feeling.

So what's changed? A lot has changed. Some things are good and some not good. I'm very sensitive. I dislike a lot of stimulation and noise. I'm more cranky with my husband.  I am more confident about making decisions that protect my energy level even if that disappoints others. I'm reading more. I'm looking for ways to decrease stress. I am watching my favorite NBA team play from the beginning of the season. Go, Miami Heat!!! I'm watching more movies at the cheaper movie theatre where they show newer movies that haven't made it to DVD  yet. It's as if I'm creating a bucket list and actually working thru that list. I'm having to tweak my gym routine every week based on my symptoms. I'm listening to the easy listening station at home. It's calming.

One thing I dislike a lot is that I think I've only been to church about three times in the past seven weeks. I'm hoping my new medication schedule will allow me to attend church more.

What's great about all of this? I'm a better nurse. I'm more compassionate. I'm doing things I love to do that I never made time to do-going to see movies, reading books, and watching the entire basketball season. I'm still a bump off a log and that is great. I got some new gym pants and one shirt for my birthday! Yay! I love gym clothing. It's so comfortable. A lot of my old gym clothing got too baggy. It's fun to have new clothing.

Life is good and God is good.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm learning

I'm learning how to live a new lifestyle. I had a hard time learning to use the cartridge for my injection. Bruce helped me with that. I was so grateful. James didn't want the kids around when the nurse showed me how to give my first injection. But being the forward person that Bruce is he peeped at the nurse while pretending to use the computer. I'm getting better with the injection. I'm always amazed when the needle actually gets into my subcutaneous tissue.  The first injection went terribly and I was covered with sweat from the stress. I ended up having to give the injection manually, old school. The cartridge sounds a little scary and sounds like a gun to me. I'm exaggerating a little but it even scares Bruce.

I've learned that I can't go on errands and go out for hours on days when I'm scheduled to work. I work every other Lord's Day and I'm going to have to stay home on those days. I'm hoping that this relapse will end soon. Perhaps then I can go back to church every Lord's Day rather than every other Lord's Day. It's a bummer to miss church every other Lord's Day. I had a MUCH better night at work this past Sunday when I stayed home from church. The last four hours were hard but less difficult. I didn't have that sense of impending doom that I've had on hard nights when I feel overwhelming and crushing fatigue.

I learned that I need to get more sunlight. So I'm sunbathing which is so unlike me. I've always hated the sun and avoided it like a plague as many black people do. :) I've always been a sun hater. Most people with MS have heat sensitivity and I have had that all my life! I started sunbathing on Monday. I put on a swimsuit and laid out in the sun for 15 minutes. It certainly was hot! I didn't enjoy it. I brought a bottle of frozen water to sip on as it melted. Yesterday I spent 30 minutes in the sun. The front of my swimsuit doesn't expose enough skin; I'm going to shop for something else. Or maybe I will wear one of my exercise sports bras for next time. I'm reading an evidence based book about overcoming multiple sclerosis. The author, George Jelinken recommends three to five sunbathing sessions a week for 15 to 45 minutes. Yesterday's session was more bearable. I guess it's something you have to get used to. This morning, I'm feeling better, more happy. I think I did need the sunlight. I've been depressed and I think it's related to this relapse cause I'm generally a bright and happy person. It could also be the medication. Depression and suicide are side effects that one is warned of on the label. The pharmacy has asked me about that a couple of times too. I'm not in a deep depression and I am not suicidal; I just feel blue.

I'm still having intermittent trouble with my right index finger. It  becomes painful and difficult to use. Yesterday, my left knee was having some kind of spasm that would make my leg buckle whenever I stood up to walk. Weird.

The lady that takes care of my hair noticed that my scalp  has a bald spot. I see her every six weeks. That spot wasn't there the last time I saw her. I was incredulous and didn't know it was there. My hair has been thinning since I was in my late 20s, mostly due to the fact that I've just always  had thin and fine hair but also related to chemicals that were terrible for my scalp. Now I think it's worse due to my age, family history, stress from my recent diagnoses endometriosis and multiple sclerosis; and probably the medication. I went completely bald on my right temple a few months ago. I'd been using a cream on both temples. The hair is growing back there now. My hair lady suggested that I use the cream all throughout my scalp on the top half of my scalp.

My routines at the gym are going well. I'm back in gym shape but I ought  to do schedule light weightlifting days on the days I'm scheduled to work. I love working out so much sometimes I just forget.

A friend of mine at church, a medical doctor recommended that I increase my Vitamin D intake from 1,000 IU to 5,000 IU, since I'm dark skinned. Vitamin D helps to prevent future relapses. I agree with him, based on medical research I've read.

I visited a nutritionist who owns a vitamin store. He has a radio show as well or used to. He recommended a vitamin for me and asked me to bring my lab work from the hospital to him. I'm waiting for that to come to me in the mail and then I will visit him again. He does free consultations.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Telephone Consultation with Nurse Titi

Today is a good day. My level of fatigue was a five on a scale of one to ten. I slept for only one hour. I got rid of some junk in the loft too.

I went to the gym for one hour and did some new shoulder exercises detailed in  Body Change by Montel Williams and Wini Linguvic. I also did 30 minutes of cardio on the stepper and on the treadmill. It was exciting to do some new exercises. I love doing shoulder exercises. :D
I did three sets of crunches too. Jimmy went with me to the gym at my request. He was my spotter for some lateral shoulder lifts. I am trying to increase my lateral shoulder lifts to 60 pounds and I can't do it alone. He also threw me a medicine ball when I came up from crunch on the reverse incline bench. The funniest part of that was that he almost fell over when I threw him back the ball. It was funny because right now he is long and lanky but one day I know he will have much more strength than I have.

A very nice nurse called me today to teach me about the shots I am starting. Her name is Titi and she is certified in MS.  Nurses are available via telephone 24 hours a day. Titi is going to train me on the administration of the medication. She ordered a training kit for me today.

This is a bullet list of everything I learned during our phone call:
  • I should contact the MS Society at 800-344-4867 and the MS Association of America at 800-532-7667 to learn as much as I can about MS. The MS Association of America has some cooling equipment to help me to stay cool when I exercise.
  • The medication Betaseron doesn't have to be refrigerated but shouldn't be left in a hot car. It should be placed in carry on luggage. It's okay to place it in the trunk but shouldn't be left there for too many hours.
  • I should call Dr. Lufti to ask him if he wants me to take Tylenol or Motrin before my injection. Tylenol or Motrin can minimize or eradicate any flu like symptoms of Betaseron.
  • It's best to take the medication at bedtime. On the nights I work I should take the medication the following morning before I go to bed.
  • I should continue my same exercise routine and there are people who play sports, run, and continue to travel and work on this medication.
  • Once I receive the training kit, I should call Titi to be trained.
  • Only 57% of people in studies experienced flu like symptoms. 37 % of people in a placebo group also experienced flu like symptoms. Ha.
  • I need to hydrate a lot taking this medication. I'm not sure how I could drink more water than I already do but we will see. ;) I'm already drinking about 72 oz of water a day.
Titi was kind and patient and helped allay my concerns.

I was told that I could receive an emergency 30 day kit to start the medication sooner. I declined that as I don't see this as an emergency. I think I should save that privilege for an emergency.

Beta Plus, the company that provides Betaseron is awaiting approval from my insurance company to start the medication. The approval should take a couple more day, they tell me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Ten

My friend Kilby used to post ten things she was grateful for every Tuesday. I've received so many blessings over the summer I'd like to start making a list as I did years ago.

I've listed eleven things today, unable to stop the praises at ten.

  1. I found out I have multiple sclerosis and I'm thankful to know. Perhaps it won't get worse and I can maintain my mobility, Lord willing.
  2. James is between projects and he can help me with the homeschooling. 
  3. The manufacturer of a medicine I am going to start soon called me to assist with the hefty  hefty co-pay.
  4. Two important apps on my  phone: My shopping list app and my Reminders app. I have to use them daily as my memory is very poor and foggy right now.
  5. My supportive co-workers.
  6. The ladies who brought me meals.
  7. My fabulous food with family and a bestie at Sweet Tomatoes this afternoon. 
  8. The photos Kilby posted of her cute Hilary with one l in her name. :)
  9. The chronic pelvic pain I had all summer ceased on 8/21/12. 
  10. Recently becoming content with extra virgin olive oil, coarse ground pepper, and balsamic vinegar for a salad dressing rather than the expensive sugary dressing I was using. It was a lite dressing and low in fat but had too much sugar and TOO much sodium. I'm always looking for ways to shy away from my love affair with sugar.
  11. I'm glad I made a switch to organic lettuce. It's so delicious and it stays fresh so much longer. Thankfully, it's on sale at Publix right now. I used to shy away from organic foods but once you learn you have an autoimmune disease you try to make some changes. Being a person who is ridden with various allergies I suspect that autoimmune disease are a result of either a virus or allergy of some kind. I read recently that many people with MS and lupus have a history of allergies. Interesting.

A Bad Day & A Better Day

This past Sunday was an absolutely terrible day. I got dressed for church and went downstairs to eat breakfast. All of a sudden I was overcome with crushing fatigue. I went back upstairs and got into bed fully dressed even down to my huge big hooped earrings. I thought I would skip Sunday school and aim to go to the Sunday service instead. But 15 minutes later a pretty little girl peered at me over my bed with a sad face. I found out she was disappointed that she would miss her Sunday school class. "I like the games and the candy," she explained. I felt sorry for her and we left for Sunday school. The fatigue never passed and it was a terrible day. I had to work that night too and it persisted throughout the night. Daily, I experience that fatigue anywhere from two to five hours but usually it starts in the afternoon, not in the morning. I wondered if there was something the Devil didn't want me to hear at church that morning. Thankfully, it was a slow night. I left early at 6 AM. I got some sleep and felt better on awakening.

After some food and drink I went to the gym and did some chest exercises and ab crunches. A friend at the gym suggested that I try some liquid multivitamins. I thought that was an excellent idea. I have some high quality vitamins that I used to use only one week a month before that special time of the month but they weren't touching my exhaustion. I took the liquid multivitamins last night and this morning. I do feel better today. I was able to reorganize my laundry closet and a kitchen closet. GASP. I haven't been able to organize anything for months.

The medication I'm supposed to start for multiple sclerosis is very $$$$. From what I've learned on the Internet, the average wholesale cost is $1,400.  My insurance requires that I pay 30%. The manufacturer called me today and stated that my doctor referred me to them for co-pay assistance. I was very grateful. I've been exhaling all day.

My symptoms lately are fatigue from two to five hours per day, requiring a nap or rest; lightheadedness at times; poor memory; and some weakness in my right arm every now and then. I also have difficulty digesting large pieces of information.

All said, God is good and He is continuing to bless me.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

♪ He's An On Time God, Yes, He Is! ♪

Four weeks ago I was at the mall returning and exchanging a couple of things. My right arm felt very weak.  I thought if I needed to wave at someone I would have to use my left hand to pick up that right hand for that wave. I thought of how it had happened about four times that week. I made it home and felt very weary. My right eye felt weird; my vision was blurry; my balance was off; and I felt incredibly fatigued. I wanted to nap but I was afraid I wouldn't wake up. My uncle recently died unexpectedly so I thought I better stay awake as best I can. I checked my blood pressure. It was 85/62. Usually my blood pressure is from 90 to 100 over 60.

I'd been taking a medication for endometriosis for eight days and I was worried that I was experiencing a stroke. I asked my husband to drop me off at the Emergency Department. I was admitted and I had a million dollar workup. The admission presented such irony for me because I had been sick all summer with pelvic pain 24 hours a day. I refused to go to the ER because I was convinced they would admit me. I ended up getting admitted anyway for something completely different.

Most of the tests I had  were to rule out a TIA, commonly referred to as a mini stroke. Most of my tests were negative except for an MRI of the brain which showed lesions on my brain as seen in diabetes, strokes, hypertension, and MS. The neurologist I saw was certain I didn't have the former three. He suspected the latter based on my symptoms.

The last day of my hospital stay I had a lumbar puncture. I was nervous but relieved to learn that they use guided X Ray to find just the right spot for the removal of the spinal fluid. It was much less dramatic than the spinal taps I've assisted with as a pediatric nurse, and less painful than an epidural as well. I did have a moderate headache for about four days afterward.

The results the doctor needed for further confirmation took four weeks to come back. The protein that is elevated in MS was elevated in the spinal fluid. The neurologist, Dr. Lufti, would like me to start injections every other day to prevent further relapses and to maintain my mobility.

My main symptoms right now are extreme fatigue and poor short term memory recall. I have from two to five hours of extreme fatigue a day which require rest and usually long naps. The fatigue is somewhat depressing. Mornings are good. Late afternoons are the hardest. My work shifts are difficult, especially from 3 AM onward. I am now making full use of the Reminders app on my iPhone. What a Godsend for me. I can't leave a grocery store without triple checking my Shopping List app either.

I'm happy to know that I have multiple sclerosis. I'm glad to find out why my eyeglass prescriptions only seem helpful for about six months. I understand too why my right hand was swollen for about six months three years ago, making it even difficult to maneuver the steering wheel. I was told I had a trapped nerve. It was indeed a nerve problem. :) About a year ago I had a couple of incidents in which I couldn't find my way thru two neighborhoods very well known to me. I had numbness and tingling in my face and loss of balance after a flu shot about three years ago. That too was a relapse. Anesthesia  seems to give me relapses as well. I've had numbness and tingling on the top of my feet since 2009. I thought it was because I had flat feet. No, that's not it. God is good and I'm glad to have answers.

Now I can make some adjustments in my lifestyle that need to be made. One major adjustment is I'm saying no to many things. I'm not doing much besides going to the gym, church, work, and a little shopping at Publix, Wal Mart, and Aldi. I also decreased my gym workouts from 90 minutes to 60 minutes. The neurologist says I shouldn't be exercising to the point of complete exhaustion so I take my foot off the accelerator when I start to feel very taxed. I'm not going to the gym right after my 12 night shift any longer. I delay that day's workout until I've had some sleep and food. Grin.

I am so grateful that I never knew until now that I had MS though. I would have babied myself at the gym and I would have convinced myself that I was not able to get fit. Thankfully, I have lost 13% body fat since 2009 and I've lost 20 pounds. Don't be concerned that I did something in the gym to give myself MS. I started my exercise routine after my first relapse in 2009. Exercising actually improved the symptom I was having at the time. My swollen and painful right hand slowly returned to it's normal size.

Another blessing is now I have more time to relax and read. I like that. I've read The First Year: Multiple Sclerosis: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed. Now I'm reading one of four of Montel Williams' books.

Please pray that the injections won't make me very sick. Dr. Lufti asked me not to judge the medication by the first two months. Please pray that I can keep making simple meals, that I would be well enough to check the boy's school work, and that I would be able to complete my scheduled work shifts. I need to keep centered on Christ and not go back to my old ways of comforting myself with sugar.

I've had so many blessings throughout this summer. I've been listening to some gospel music I was never exposed to. The music is very encouraging with lyrics that are catchy and easy for me to recall throughout my day. He's An On Time God, as Dottie Peoples sings, in that old school black gospel song. Oh yes, He is! Amen?!?

God Bless!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Last week I did giant sets, as described by Ms. Olympia , Nicole Wilkins on Fitness,  at the gym. They were so much fun. I did focused on one muscle group per day for six days. For example on shoulder day I did: 
1. Read Deltoid Flies
2. Military Presses
3. Shoulder Lateral Raises
4. Forward Raises
I completed   those again and again 15-20 reps until I had done all exercises four times. What a burn!The first two rounds are easy. The next two sets are tough. But boy it's fun. My legs days and triceps days were the best. I really felt the burn. I was very sick for two weeks though and hadn't done a good legs workout so perhaps that's why my hamstrings burned a lot. Good times!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Run on Behalf of a Headache

This is that special time of the month for me and at 6:30 PM I felt as if my head might explode. Initially, I thought I had a sinus headache. I took some Sudafed which didn't help at all. Next, I took a pain reliever for women. That didn't help either. I thought, "Hmmm, let's see if a short run might help," as I always feel better after cardiovascular activities.
I headed out for a short one mile run in a light drizzling rain. Bekah rode her bicycle while I ran. She warned me of all oncoming cars as well as the cars behind us. What a sweetie, my girl.
When I returned, my husband asked how my head was and my reply was, "What head?" I felt so much better!
I was so pleased too that although my chest hurt a bit from the humidity I was still able to comfortably finish the run. In the past, I've always needed to use albuterol, especially in rainy weather. Thanks again for allowing my lungs to improve, Lord.
After the run, I raced Bruce in a 100  yard sprint. He was hanging right with me for about 80 yards. If he ran regularly, he would have taken me. His legs are only about four inches shorter than mine. Fun times!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stiff Leg Deadlifts Ildi tried to teach me the proper form of Stiff Leg Deadlifts for weeks. I was having some low back pain at the time. That interfered with my technique. Now that my back is limber I've got the hang of it. I love doing them now. Yesterday I used a 50 pound bar bell. It was very hard for me to carry the barbell to the corner. My hamstrings are very sore today which is a good sign. I'm looking forward to more Stiff Leg Deadlifts next week.
I am remiss in updating this blog. Early 2012 I ran for 40 minutes outdoors three days a week. These days I'm running mostly on a treadmill for 20 minutes. I'm running one or two days a week. Usually I run without walking. If it's an overcast day I might venture outside. Running is still my first love as far as cardio goes. Interestingly, I can't recall the last time I had to use any albuterol. Simply amazing. Thank you, God. I am also fond of the stairmaster and stepper machines. If I'm tired I walk on a very high incline on the treadmill. I'm in the gym six days a week. I lift weights four days a week these days and I do cardio six days a week for 30 minutes. If I work a 12 hour night shift, I visit the gym for one half hour and ride the stationary bicycle. I am not fond of stationary bicycles because the calories burned seem low. The bicycle is easy for me to handle after a night shift though. My wish is that the motion of the bicycle riding might scare away unwanted cellulite. This week I did a one hour legs workout twice. I don't know if I will continue that routine or not. It's an experiment of sorts. Since this is tank top weather, I've been spending one full hour per week on my shoulders. ;) I'm eating very clean these days and it's very hard to eat enough calories with clean food but I try my best. I'm eating every three hours. Some days I supplement with a Mean Green juice drink or a plant protein drink. I'm happy to be a bump off a log.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Today I went for a short two mile run. Bekah came along with me on her bicycle.

Fun! I love my favorite daughter! Our route was on McNab Road. I felt guilty not to obey the civil law when we are on a very busy road so first we stopped at WalMart to get her a new helmet. Bekah was all smiles when we went to WalMart exclaiming, "Mommy, I can't stop smiling. This is the first time I got to go to WalMart on my bike." You see her big brothers go there on their bikes and she isn't allowed to go with them. :)

According to my Couch to 10K plan, I was supposed to run for 20 minutes. I can do it but I had to stop halfway thru to fix Bekah's helmet. My pace has increased from 12 minutes to 15 minutes. My asthma doctor doesn't think I need to use albuterol before running. My last two runs I have ran without using it so my pace is up to 15 minutes. Running without albuterol has increased my pace a lot.

I'm only supposed to use the albuterol if I start to have asthma symptoms.
Being the proud sinful person I am, I don't like this slow pace. I suppose that if I am patient it might decrease as time goes on.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


The November 2011 5K Turkey Trot was my worst race time. I hadn't prepared for it early enough.
Jimmy has done two races since that time. He ran a race in December and had a much better pace. Yay, Jimmy! He had another race today and didn't do as well. He started out wearing a jacket. I wish I'd noticed. He had a terrible time carrying the jacket once he realized he had forgotten to take it off. I wish he had just thrown it aside for I would have fetched it later.
Bruce ran his first 5K today.

I was so excited for him. He had that look of amazement in his eyes once he'd finished. I loved watching him speed up as he saw the finish line. Bruce stated that his chest hurt the entire race. I think that's just from lack of training as he is not a known asthmatic.
I worked until 6 AM today, having asked my supervisor if I could leave early to see the kids' races. I ended up running the one mile youth run with Rebekah, wanting to encourage her. It was her first one mile run. She smiled the entire time though she said her shins were hurting.
It was so exciting for me to see the racers approach the finish line. I've never seen a race, I've only participated in them.
We enjoyed the pancakes, sausages, bananas, bagels, and O.J. that were provided afterward the race.
I'm looking forward to my next race in March 2012, Lord willing.
Since my previous race in November 2010 I decided to switch from the Couch 25 K program to Couch 2 10K. My goal was to increase my endurance and decrease my pace. That strategy is working. This week I ran for seven minutes with 1 or 2 minute walk breaks. I reached a milestone of a five mile run this past Monday. My pace is down to a little over 12 minutes. Not bad for an older runner who commenced running just two years ago. :)
Besides running, I do other cardio activities two to three other days a week along with strength training three days a week. Fun, fun, fun!