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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm learning

I'm learning how to live a new lifestyle. I had a hard time learning to use the cartridge for my injection. Bruce helped me with that. I was so grateful. James didn't want the kids around when the nurse showed me how to give my first injection. But being the forward person that Bruce is he peeped at the nurse while pretending to use the computer. I'm getting better with the injection. I'm always amazed when the needle actually gets into my subcutaneous tissue.  The first injection went terribly and I was covered with sweat from the stress. I ended up having to give the injection manually, old school. The cartridge sounds a little scary and sounds like a gun to me. I'm exaggerating a little but it even scares Bruce.

I've learned that I can't go on errands and go out for hours on days when I'm scheduled to work. I work every other Lord's Day and I'm going to have to stay home on those days. I'm hoping that this relapse will end soon. Perhaps then I can go back to church every Lord's Day rather than every other Lord's Day. It's a bummer to miss church every other Lord's Day. I had a MUCH better night at work this past Sunday when I stayed home from church. The last four hours were hard but less difficult. I didn't have that sense of impending doom that I've had on hard nights when I feel overwhelming and crushing fatigue.

I learned that I need to get more sunlight. So I'm sunbathing which is so unlike me. I've always hated the sun and avoided it like a plague as many black people do. :) I've always been a sun hater. Most people with MS have heat sensitivity and I have had that all my life! I started sunbathing on Monday. I put on a swimsuit and laid out in the sun for 15 minutes. It certainly was hot! I didn't enjoy it. I brought a bottle of frozen water to sip on as it melted. Yesterday I spent 30 minutes in the sun. The front of my swimsuit doesn't expose enough skin; I'm going to shop for something else. Or maybe I will wear one of my exercise sports bras for next time. I'm reading an evidence based book about overcoming multiple sclerosis. The author, George Jelinken recommends three to five sunbathing sessions a week for 15 to 45 minutes. Yesterday's session was more bearable. I guess it's something you have to get used to. This morning, I'm feeling better, more happy. I think I did need the sunlight. I've been depressed and I think it's related to this relapse cause I'm generally a bright and happy person. It could also be the medication. Depression and suicide are side effects that one is warned of on the label. The pharmacy has asked me about that a couple of times too. I'm not in a deep depression and I am not suicidal; I just feel blue.

I'm still having intermittent trouble with my right index finger. It  becomes painful and difficult to use. Yesterday, my left knee was having some kind of spasm that would make my leg buckle whenever I stood up to walk. Weird.

The lady that takes care of my hair noticed that my scalp  has a bald spot. I see her every six weeks. That spot wasn't there the last time I saw her. I was incredulous and didn't know it was there. My hair has been thinning since I was in my late 20s, mostly due to the fact that I've just always  had thin and fine hair but also related to chemicals that were terrible for my scalp. Now I think it's worse due to my age, family history, stress from my recent diagnoses endometriosis and multiple sclerosis; and probably the medication. I went completely bald on my right temple a few months ago. I'd been using a cream on both temples. The hair is growing back there now. My hair lady suggested that I use the cream all throughout my scalp on the top half of my scalp.

My routines at the gym are going well. I'm back in gym shape but I ought  to do schedule light weightlifting days on the days I'm scheduled to work. I love working out so much sometimes I just forget.

A friend of mine at church, a medical doctor recommended that I increase my Vitamin D intake from 1,000 IU to 5,000 IU, since I'm dark skinned. Vitamin D helps to prevent future relapses. I agree with him, based on medical research I've read.

I visited a nutritionist who owns a vitamin store. He has a radio show as well or used to. He recommended a vitamin for me and asked me to bring my lab work from the hospital to him. I'm waiting for that to come to me in the mail and then I will visit him again. He does free consultations.

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