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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Ten

My friend Kilby used to post ten things she was grateful for every Tuesday. I've received so many blessings over the summer I'd like to start making a list as I did years ago.

I've listed eleven things today, unable to stop the praises at ten.

  1. I found out I have multiple sclerosis and I'm thankful to know. Perhaps it won't get worse and I can maintain my mobility, Lord willing.
  2. James is between projects and he can help me with the homeschooling. 
  3. The manufacturer of a medicine I am going to start soon called me to assist with the hefty  hefty co-pay.
  4. Two important apps on my  phone: My shopping list app and my Reminders app. I have to use them daily as my memory is very poor and foggy right now.
  5. My supportive co-workers.
  6. The ladies who brought me meals.
  7. My fabulous food with family and a bestie at Sweet Tomatoes this afternoon. 
  8. The photos Kilby posted of her cute Hilary with one l in her name. :)
  9. The chronic pelvic pain I had all summer ceased on 8/21/12. 
  10. Recently becoming content with extra virgin olive oil, coarse ground pepper, and balsamic vinegar for a salad dressing rather than the expensive sugary dressing I was using. It was a lite dressing and low in fat but had too much sugar and TOO much sodium. I'm always looking for ways to shy away from my love affair with sugar.
  11. I'm glad I made a switch to organic lettuce. It's so delicious and it stays fresh so much longer. Thankfully, it's on sale at Publix right now. I used to shy away from organic foods but once you learn you have an autoimmune disease you try to make some changes. Being a person who is ridden with various allergies I suspect that autoimmune disease are a result of either a virus or allergy of some kind. I read recently that many people with MS and lupus have a history of allergies. Interesting.

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