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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Less fatigue?

This week I developed a schedule in which I’m only doing strength training three days a week. For about eight months I've been working on one body part a day, six days a week. That became too taxing with the medication I’m taking. I love my new gym routine. I think I was burned out from doing strength training six days a week.
I started the full dose of a medication for MS about four weeks ago. Sometimes I feel like I’m on chemotherapy. My hair is more thin and I have flu like symptoms and blah blah blah.
I changed the timing of the medication. I’m taking it before bedtime. If I’m at work on an injection day, I take the medication late at about 0300.
Wednesday I had a great day. I kept waiting for the fatigue to come and IT NEVER CAME. I was ecstatic. I had the opportunity to sort some old clothing that has been in my trunk since September! And I was able to drop it off to two friends. I loved the “Ooooohhhh!” squeal I heard from my friend Tina when her son told her I was at the door. I’m surprised she didn't think I was a ghost. I don’t go out usually any more due to fatigue. I was so happy to be out! I also dropped a second set of clothing to my friend Marie. They both live miles apart and miles from me. It was so good to see my sweet friends.
I think Wednesday was awesome because I had DOUBLE the protein I usually eat. I think I've been shortchanging myself. At some point, some months ago, I couldn't finish the eight egg whites I used to eat. I started eating only four egg whites.
So it may be that some of my fatigue has been due to lack of protein in the morning. So yesterday I had a veggie protein shake with hemp, brown rice, green peas, and chia seeds. Then later in the morning after working out I had four egg whites with green peppers, red onions, and fresh ground black pepper. I felt great the entire day. I had no fatigue until 7:30 PM which is a more reasonable hour to have fatigue.
I was not able to repeat that breakfast plan today because when I got home from the gym the kids made gingerbread houses. What a ridiculous lunch of Hershey Kisses, Life Savers, spice drops, and liquid filled gummy drops. I decided to do a modified fast for a few hours. I worked on finishing my gallon of water for the day. Then for dinner I had a double portion of salmon.
Tomorrow I will try that same breakfast I had yesterday and I will have CLEAN food!

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