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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Bad Day & A Better Day

This past Sunday was an absolutely terrible day. I got dressed for church and went downstairs to eat breakfast. All of a sudden I was overcome with crushing fatigue. I went back upstairs and got into bed fully dressed even down to my huge big hooped earrings. I thought I would skip Sunday school and aim to go to the Sunday service instead. But 15 minutes later a pretty little girl peered at me over my bed with a sad face. I found out she was disappointed that she would miss her Sunday school class. "I like the games and the candy," she explained. I felt sorry for her and we left for Sunday school. The fatigue never passed and it was a terrible day. I had to work that night too and it persisted throughout the night. Daily, I experience that fatigue anywhere from two to five hours but usually it starts in the afternoon, not in the morning. I wondered if there was something the Devil didn't want me to hear at church that morning. Thankfully, it was a slow night. I left early at 6 AM. I got some sleep and felt better on awakening.

After some food and drink I went to the gym and did some chest exercises and ab crunches. A friend at the gym suggested that I try some liquid multivitamins. I thought that was an excellent idea. I have some high quality vitamins that I used to use only one week a month before that special time of the month but they weren't touching my exhaustion. I took the liquid multivitamins last night and this morning. I do feel better today. I was able to reorganize my laundry closet and a kitchen closet. GASP. I haven't been able to organize anything for months.

The medication I'm supposed to start for multiple sclerosis is very $$$$. From what I've learned on the Internet, the average wholesale cost is $1,400.  My insurance requires that I pay 30%. The manufacturer called me today and stated that my doctor referred me to them for co-pay assistance. I was very grateful. I've been exhaling all day.

My symptoms lately are fatigue from two to five hours per day, requiring a nap or rest; lightheadedness at times; poor memory; and some weakness in my right arm every now and then. I also have difficulty digesting large pieces of information.

All said, God is good and He is continuing to bless me.

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