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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Squat Challenge

I learned of a squat challenge on Facebook. You do from 20 to 100 squats a day for one month. I'm on day four. I am looking forward to the rest of the month! I usually only do 45 squats a WEEK. This week I will do a total of 190, Lord willing. The schedule is written for squats without weights but for now I'm doing the squats with weights. Excited!
Dec. 17th: 20 squats Dec. 27th: 65 squats Jan 6th: 60 squats
Dec. 18th:  25 squats Dec. 28th: 70 squats Jan. 7th: 100 squats
Dec. 19th: 30 squats Dec. 29th: 75 squats Jan. 8th: 65 squats
Dec. 20th: 35 squats Dec. 30th: 80 squats Jan. 9th 70 squats
Dec. 21st: 40 squats Dec. 31st: 90 squats Jan. 10th: 100 squats
Dec. 22nd: 45 squats Jan. 1st: 95 squats Jan. 11th: REST
Dec. 23rd: 50 squats Jan. 2nd: 100 squats Jan. 12th: 80 squats
Dec. 24th: 55 squats Jan. 3rd: 100 squats Jan. 13th: 85 squats
Dec. 25th: 60 squats Jan. 4th: 50 squats Jan. 14th: 90 squats
Dec. 26th: REST Jan. 5th: 55 squats Jan. 15: 100 squats

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