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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So much has changed. I'm on a full dose of disease modifying medication. It's an injection taken every other day. The needle doesn't hurt but the medication burns! The dose was titrated to full strength over time. I've been on the full dose since this past Monday. It makes me feel very tired. I have been experimenting with the best time to take the medication. I used to take it in the mornings and that was a terrible time to take it. The medication gives you flu like symptoms and so I was feeling so poorly for much of the day. I spoke to Titi, a nurse certified in MS and assigned to me by the manufacturer of the medication. One of the options we discussed was taking the medication at my bedtime if I'm off from work. If I'm at work I take it late, a few  hours before I leave at 0730.

I had to eliminate or switch some of the 24 sites for injection. It hurt so much in my abdomen and the top of my thighs. The medication was going in my muscle and not in the fat.  I am now giving the medication on the side of my thighs rather than the top of my thighs. I have a lot more fat on the side of my thighs. I'm going to try giving an injection on the bottom side of my belly rather than the front. The front I can't tolerate at all!

I visited my primary care doctor yesterday to discuss some peculiar lab results with him. I mentioned my fatigue from my medication. He decided to order a B12 injection for me. I think it helped. I feel better than I have been feeling.

So what's changed? A lot has changed. Some things are good and some not good. I'm very sensitive. I dislike a lot of stimulation and noise. I'm more cranky with my husband.  I am more confident about making decisions that protect my energy level even if that disappoints others. I'm reading more. I'm looking for ways to decrease stress. I am watching my favorite NBA team play from the beginning of the season. Go, Miami Heat!!! I'm watching more movies at the cheaper movie theatre where they show newer movies that haven't made it to DVD  yet. It's as if I'm creating a bucket list and actually working thru that list. I'm having to tweak my gym routine every week based on my symptoms. I'm listening to the easy listening station at home. It's calming.

One thing I dislike a lot is that I think I've only been to church about three times in the past seven weeks. I'm hoping my new medication schedule will allow me to attend church more.

What's great about all of this? I'm a better nurse. I'm more compassionate. I'm doing things I love to do that I never made time to do-going to see movies, reading books, and watching the entire basketball season. I'm still a bump off a log and that is great. I got some new gym pants and one shirt for my birthday! Yay! I love gym clothing. It's so comfortable. A lot of my old gym clothing got too baggy. It's fun to have new clothing.

Life is good and God is good.

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