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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Learning to Swim

In May I signed up for a two week swimming class. I've tossed the idea of learning to swim around for a few years. In the past I didn't have the courage. Running three 5Ks has given me courage and lessened my fear of the unknown. I mistakenly thought I could never be a runner or finish a race.
I don't know how to swim yet but hope to learn before the summer is over. Swimming is incredibly hard work.
I have a weak core so it took me an entire week to have the strength to get my legs above the water. I figured out that if I put my entire forearm against the wall I could get my legs up.
I'm getting stronger and now I can kick by just holding onto the wall.
At home two weeks ago I swam solo for a few feet. I give my two sons, 10 and 8 years old,for helping me get to that wall.
Yesterday, I finally made it to the wall alone as well. I haven't been successful besides those two times. I'm not discouraged though. It took all of my children a few years to become good swimmers.
In the meantime my leg pain is decreasing. My favorite part of the whole affair is that I am developing a mini six pack. Ha!
I plan to take another class in June or July. In the meantime I will keep kicking.