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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday, Feburary 17, 2010

I reached a milestone today. I ran six miles, folks. I ran a 10K. It took me two hours. I had some stomach pain for the first 35 minutes. I have no idea what the stomach pain was related to. I had my usual banana before my run. The last 1.5 miles of the run were grueling. My left thigh ached a lot. I had a runner's high for about 40 minutes after my run then the pain in my left thigh returned. I ended up taking Tylenol while I was running errands. I also was able to take a 15 minute nap later in the day. I really needed that 15 minute break.

I'm considering joining a running group or working with a coach to get help with my speed. Next month I will start working on increasing my speed.

I love one of our local running stores. I went there to buy our 10 year old a new pair of running shoes. His old shoes are starting to look worn and I want him to be prepared for our race next month. I asked the sales lady helping us if she knew anything about my Timex Ladies Ironman watch. She didn't and referred me to a very nice man who was very patient with me. He told me he would be willing to show me over and over and over again until I got it. Apparently, he does this all of the time for customers. He says he is the Timex man and another gentleman there is the Garmin man. The Timex man set up intervals for me on my watch. He said he would be happy to reset the intervals if I need to change them and can't figure it out.

I read an article in our local running newspaper here about Augie Leone. Mr. Leone is 80 yrs old. He picked up running when he was 70 years old. He has run in 29 marathons, 12 half marathons, and various other distance races. He says that things really turned around for him in the last decade. He ran the Boston Marathon in 2003 and qualified for a time of 4:29:24. Isn't that fantastic? Maybe there is hope for me increasing my speed, after all.

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