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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Five Miles!

This morning I ran five miles. To date, that is my longest run. I felt every bit of the last mile. My right hip ached a little but I pressed on to the end. After the run I made made a point of eating within 15 minutes. Frequently, I don't eat for 45-60 minutes after running, which is unwise. After eating, I applied an ice pack to my right hip. The ice felt so soothing that I kept it on for 35 minutes.

It took me sixty-four minutes to run five miles. That's a long time. I stopped a few times for water. I have a cold and I'm taking Sudafed and an antihistamine; thus, I was very thirsty.

My albuterol inhaler expired in January 2010. It doesn't seem to be helping as much so I discarded it tonight. We'll see if the next inhalation from a newer inhaler proves to be more effective.

Next week I'm going to follow Jeff Galloway's suggestion of decreasing my runs by 30%. I would like my body to recover from the long runs I've added. Being an older runner I don't want to get hurt.

I am exhausted and drowsy tonight. Usually, I reach for sugar for such a time as this. Instead, I'm going to drink some water, travel the road less traveled and go to bed.


  1. You are doing great- and choosing wisely too it appears! What do you eat after a run? Something protein based? I should know the answer to that, but at the moment it escapes me. Keep up the good work Karen!

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  3. The standard recommendation I usually see is 60% carbs and 15 or 20% protein. I'm not sure about the protein percentage but it's supposed to be small. Your muscles need the glycogen to use for the next strenuous workout. There's a 30 minute window. After 30 minutes your muscles can't access that glycogen and your body goes into starvation mode which can lead to overeating later in the day. This is what I've read in many articles from many sources.