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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm elated!

I am thrilled. Yesterday I doubted I would be able to run at all today let alone complete my long run of seven miles today.
I did wake up during this morning at 0400 with some intractable asthmatic coughing. I took some guaifenesin and fell back to sleep at about 0500. I slept until 8:30 and felt so much better than I did yesterday.
I ran three and a half miles and a big downpour of rain started. There was thunder too so I went inside. I followed advice from another runner and didn't have my usual banana before my run. I wasn't sure how long the rain would continue and was starting to feel ill. I ate a tiny spinach salad with a small amount of chickpeas.
About 45 minutes later the rain had ceased. I gave the boys more school work to complete and then went back out to complete my seven miles.
I did have some minor discomfort from the salad but it was nothing to write home about.
The temperature was about 72 degrees. I drank 64 oz. of water that I kept in the van and a bottle of room temperature tap water in a big spray bottle. Every few laps I stopped for a drink of water and I sprayed my face and chest underneath my shirt with water. The water sprays were very refreshing.
My entire run/walk time was 2 hours and 27 minutes. My total running time was 49 minutes and my total walking time was 98 minutes. That's approximately 555 calories burned.

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