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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Recovery Fail

Yesterday I went out for my regularly scheduled run as I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. About 1/4 mile into the run I had great difficulty breathing and my right ankle hurt badly. At that point I remembered reading somewhere that you should take off one day per every mile ran in a race. Stupidly, I thought, well I've run before with aches and they just go away. I will just do one easy mile. That was a bad decision. I shouldn't have ran until today. Since my run yesterday, my right ankle has continued to ache. I also had some temporary pain in my right thigh. Frown.
This morning I'm having low back discomfort. I added some magnesium and zinc to my daily dose of calcium intake this morning as well as two extra strength Tylenol. This afternoon I think I will need to buy something to support my ankle.


  1. It does seem counter-intuitive to avoid running for so long after a race- after all, you've been training up to the race, running that distance... It would seem that staying with the same routine would make sense. I would be afraid to take too many days off for fear that my routine would go to pieces!

  2. From what I've read you don't lose conditioning unless you are out of whack for two weeks.