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Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Shoes

I headed to the running shoe store on Tuesday wearing my four month old running shoes. The associate first commented on the way I tie my shoes. Apparently, she thinks I tie them too loosely. Apparently, she doesn't know how tough it is to get out of the house when you're homeschooling and you've got to get breakfast and lunch into little ones and then run errands.
She had me take off my shoes and schooled me on how to tell if they are worn out or not. She had the same pair on sale and my feet felt like a million dollars in the new pair. The old ones felt very loose and misshapen. The new shoes were on sale at 25% off. :)

I was somewhat incredulous that my shoes only lasted four months. I did run thru rain in them twice. I don't know if that made a difference. The associate claimed that most running shoes last five months.

I canceled my appointment with the Cleveland Clinic foot specialist which was a relief. It was scheduled for 8 AM. I would have had a difficult time making it there on time.

Unfortunately, I didn't take another pair of shoes with me on Tuesday. As I walked around town running errands my right foot started to ache. I wish I had thought to buy a pair of $1 flip flops. I was too much of a scrooge to walk around in running shoes around town.The next day my right hip hurt badly as well. I was afraid to run. Instead I walked for one half hour in walking shoes, of course.

Today I ran in the new shoes and had no pain in my foot nor my hip.

I'm a happy camper and glad to be pounding the pavement again.

I'm always analyzing things though and now I'm wondering if I should have perhaps tried another brand of shoes. Perhaps another brand will last at least five months.

*Note to self: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9
10.5 Width D


  1. Your research is helping me, so I do appreciate it a lot! Shoes are only supposed to last 5 months?!?!?! I feel like a depression-era person when I consider how shocked I am at that idea. I wear mine until they are falling apart at the seams- but then, I'm not yet actually "running" in them on a regular basis either. I'll check back with you in 4 months and we'll see how my shoes and feet are doing then. Meanwhile, I'll keep that in mind each time I feel an unusual twinge!

    Keep it up Karen!

  2. I've also read that running shoes can last from 300-500 miles. Mine didn't. When I have time I'm going to read more about this. I was disappointed too. on the other hand, I think that I am reaping from running. I have no gym fees. I haven't caught any of the last five or six colds my beloved family caught. My nasal allergies are better and I rarely use an antihistamine. My GERD has disappeared. My gut is firm. I am toned. I have more energy. I am more confident overall. My mind is more clear. Perhaps in the years to come I may have had medical problems that would be more expensive than a pair of running shoes.