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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Race Day

This morning our son and I ran our second 5K.
I got more sleep before this race. I went to bed at 10 but woke up at 4 AM. I was unable to get back to sleep until 6 AM. Unfortunately, my alarm was set for 6 AM. :(
The weather was unexpectedly terrible. We were expecting a temperature somewhere between 55 and 59 degrees. Instead it was cold and raining and 43 degrees. We are asthmatics and we don't run well in the rain. We had a hard time breathing but we pressed on to the end.
Unfortunately, I forgot my watch in the hustle to get out early with three children, one who was being grouchy and uncooperative. Being a slower runner and at the tail end of the crowd, I imagined that we were running much slower than our previous race.
We were stunned to see the time on the clock as we approached the finish line. We finished 1.61 minutes faster than our first 5K two months ago.
I grabbed my son's hand and we held up our hands high up into the air as we crossed the finish line.