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Monday, January 18, 2010

My Right Foot is Failing Me

My updates are tardy due to a contrary and ornery computer. We got our computer back from the doctor today.
Wednesday I ran wearing a foot supportive brace.
Friday I had pain in my foot and I walked for one hour.
Today I tried to run with the brace and was unsuccessful. I was able to run with the brace on but my foot felt a little weird.
I thought it was a problem with my ankle but I think it is really my arch.
I made an appointment this coming Wednesday with a foot specialist at Cleveland Clinic. The sports medicine doctor was all booked up. The receptionist suggested that I see a foot specialist.
I'm going to visit a running store and ask them what they think about my running shoes. They are fairly new but I'm wondering if I need a better insole. Hmmm...

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