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Monday, January 4, 2010

The Dog or Me

Today was my long run in prep for our second 5K this Saturday. I ran for distance instead of time today. Initially, I ran 3 and 3/4 miles. It was 51 degrees outside. I experienced quite a few things. I had some head pain, postnasal drip, a fleeting side stitch, and chest tightness for about 15 or 20 minutes. Whatever. I just kept running. I ran all sorts of intervals but mostly stuck to 2:1 run/walk intervals.
I have no idea what my pace was. As usual, I overdressed and had to stop and take off some of my clothing. I also had to return home to stuff my pocket full of Kleenex tissues.
I did have to keep my gloves on for the entire run.
After mile three I went inside for a water break. I also rolled up some dough and prepared it for a second rise.
I ended up running for about one hour. After 3 3/4 miles of running a big ugly bad red collared dog came at me twice. He was mean, threatening, and vicious. I didn't know quite what to do upon our first meeting. I knew not to run. I thought about jumping on a car but figured he would just jump right on the car with me. Unfortunately, I saw no sticks or rocks around anywhere. I just backed away from him and circled the car then retreated into the grass and disappeared into the inner courtyard.
I borrowed one of my son's bat and returned outside to complete the last 1/4 of my run. A kind neighbor asked me if I was OK when he saw me armed with a bat. He knew of the dog I had met and told me the dog had come after his 2 y/o son recently. That ticked me off even more.
Before I could complete my last 1/4 mile run, the dog appeared again out of nowhere in a completely different part of the circle. I was ready for this ugly canine this time. With my bat pointing towards his ugly face, I shouted at him, took a step towards him, and told him completely off. He challenged me for 5 seconds, retreated, and walked away like a coward.
Still I was nervous walking home. I kept looking over my shoulder. I called 911. A very kind officer came by. We had a nice chat and he gave the children mints. Officer Vinnie advised me to kick the dog under the mouth if he comes at me again. I asked him if I could purchase some kind of spray and he recommended Mace. I bought some tonight at a local Army/Navy store. I will be ready for that feisty dog if he messes with me on my brisk walk tomorrow. I'm going hunting for a humongous stick tomorrow too.
Tonight our son had soccer practice and I ran with his team for about 1/2 mile because I can. :)

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