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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Galloway Week Two

This past Monday was a day of firsts. It was a my first time running in cool FL air. The temperature was a pleasant 52 degrees. My son had no interest in running with me in the cooler air. My lungs were not happy. Today was also my first time running with our new ipod nano. I placed it in an armband. I felt very carefree and less weighted down than when I run with my iphone in it's heavy Otter Box.
I stopped to talk to a neightbor who expressed some interest in joining me for my runs. I told her about Couch 25K. I don't know if she's serious. She promised to check out the training schedule at
I had some encouragment from a couple of cheerleaders during my run. A landscaping worker was trimming bushes, flashed his gold teeth at me and told me to "Save some for tomorrow!" Another neighbor shook her fists in the air and said, "Keep it up. Exercise. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout."
After my run I had the energy to help our daughter do a deep cleaning of her room. I think that the run/walk intervals are working out well.

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