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Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010, Monday with my trainer, Ildi

One hour with Ildi McShae:

1. Pull Ups on Modified Pull Up Machine for lateral back muscles, holding bar wide. 15 lbs. X 2 reps
2. Pulls Ups on Modified Pull Up Machine for medial back muscles, holding bar close and inside. 15 lbs. X 1 rep
3. Seated Row: Lean forward and pull bar to stomach with chest stuck out, 40 lbs. X 3 reps
4. Lateral row, pull down bars 50 lbs. (super-set with Dual Axis Row/Rear Deltoid machine) X3 reps
5. Dual Axis Row/Rear Deltoid machine, 30 lbs. (Super-set with above)
6. Biceps macine, the heavier and harder machine, no weights, 15 X 3 reps
Seated decline biceps curls with 7 lbs. weights, 3 reps
7. Biceps curls on cable, 15 lbs. X 3 reps. Keep arms and elbows up.
8. Calf standup machine, 50 lbs.
9. Seated calf, level 4, 20 X 3 reps
10. Hyperextension on Roman chair, abs workout with 10 lb. weight, 20 X 3 reps
11. Abd cruch machine, lying down, no extra weight, 20 lbs. x 3 reps
Solo: Treadmill, 3 minutes running alternated with 1-2 minutes walking x 35 minutes, 4.8 miles per hour, no incline.

Stretching for ten minutes.

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