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Saturday, September 18, 2010


I've made a lot of progress at the gym and that improves so many areas of my life. I'm more disciplined with keeping a schedule. My mood is more even. We are getting more school work done. My stamina has increased greatly.
On the nights I work 12 hour overnight shifts I have far more energy than I've had in the past when I reach home.
Ildi took some measurements of my body and measured my body fat, which was 29%. She will retake the measurements in one month. She would like me to get down to 23%. Ildi says that will take some time and first I will lose inches and gain some inches in certain areas. Once that occurs body fat starts to decrease. I'm not stressing over it at all.
Today I went for a swim for the first time in about three weeks. I am not a great swimmer and I feel more secure using a pool noodle. Regardless of my swimming skills I was able to swim for one half hour without feeling winded. I may as well have been sitting on the couch relaxing. That's just how great I felt.
I have a problem with one of my great toes. I hyper extended it a couple of weeks ago and it's a little sore. I picked up my orthotics this past Monday. They definitely give me more support. I started running at the gym on a treadmill about two weeks ago. I'm easing into it. My longest run has been fifteen minutes without walking. I may be able to go a lot farther if I do some walk/run intervals. I will give that a try if I can ever make it to the gym early enough.
Increasing my protein to 25 grams/meal has had a positive consequence. I no longer crave sweets. Yay! I limit them to the weekend.
I'm no longer able to drink fat free lactose free milk and that's sad. Unfortunately, it gives me chest pain about 20 minutes after I drink it. I purchased a plant protein powder drink with hemp, rice, peas, and Omega vitamins that I'm going to try soon. My kind sister gave me her barely used blender. I hope I like it. As long as it tastes different from soy I should be fine.
I'm looking forward to a Turkey Trot. I'm excited that my friend Tina plans to run with Jimmy and I. Bruce is even interested in running but I'm not sure he will follow through with that. :)

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