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Monday, March 8, 2010


Today was our first time doing fartleks. The first fartlek was difficult. I thought the other three were more bearable. Our 10 year old had a different opinion. He says the first, second, and third fartleks were equally difficult. The fourth fartlek was more bearable for him.
We ran an easy half mile. Next, we did four sets of fast 400 meters followed by 200 meter recovery runs. We finished off the fartleks with another easy half mile. Our ten year old did a great job. He skips some of his runs during the week so he isn't as conditioned as I am yet. I'm not bragging as I know that he will leave me far behind one day soon. I encouraged him to walk on the last two recovery runs. He loves running and I don't want him to hate it some day. We gave each other high fives, drank water, and had our lunch. It was a fun but hard and energizing exercise. I had a buzz for the remainder of the day.

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