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Friday, February 8, 2013

February 2013

What's New:

I no longer have flu like symptoms after my injection I take every other day for MS. That's such a blessing! I do have some other symptoms but they are manageable. I would say I have a little depression now and then but so does Moe, Joe, and Susie. I have some anxiety here and there with some irritability. My memory is getting better. I have  hardly any MS symptoms at all except some fatigue after working 12 hour night shifts and some blurry vision the day after but it always clears up in less than a day.

I never finished the squat challenge in my last post. I showed it to a trainer at the gym and he warned me not to do squats more than once, maybe twice at the most, per week.

My new gym routine is going well. I love that I have decreased strength training to three days a week.
I have some kind of problem with my foot though. Once a week I was doing some high impact calisthenics such as jumping jacks, jump roping, etc. I am limping and I have some left foot pain. Today I had an MRI and should have the results next week. The orthopedist I saw thinks I have a stress fracture based on my history.

This past Monday I started kickboxing with a trainer. That was very difficult for me. I think in one hour and 150 tries I did maybe 15 jabs properly. Ha. Mr. Trainer told me to stop punching like a girl. I never got into the proper foot stance for throwing a jab and did no kicking at all so my foot injury was not related to that session. I'm looking forward to another session when health permits.

I started a yoga tape an MS organization sent me about a month ago. I did it three times and after my first two tries I could hardly walk. I could barely sit down on the toilet. I talked to my friend Kilby about it and she thought I was possibly doing something wrong. She suggested I take a class. Since I cannot go to work limping around, my schedule has opened up somewhat. I found a class called Warm Sunrise. This was a 6:30 AM class. I thought they meant that the earth was warming up from the sun rising. Nope. That's.not.what.they.meant. This was one of those hot yoga classes.

Halfway through the class I started to feel so uncomfortable I grabbed my towel and leaned against the wall, almost bursting into tears. I was sad that I have multiple sclerosis and that I can't tolerate heat. I am not a quitter though so I thought I would try to stick it out. By the end of the class I just wanted my mom and I curled up in fetal position, not knowing how I would get up or how I would drive home. I felt like I had taken ten Benadryl.  I was too out of it to remember to pray but I just hoped that this stupor wouldn't last for days. Once I stepped into the hallway though I cooled down. The instructor claimed that I did a good job in the class. I told her how horrible I felt and about my friend, MS, and she wrote down the schedule of other classes that were non heated. Whew. I felt so traumatized after that class.

Yesterday I was able to purchase a Groupon for ten yoga classes for $39 at a different studio. After this morning's experience, I panicked, wondering if the classes there were heated. I visited the studio and was told that none of the classes were heated. Whew!

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