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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Won a Prize

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts last week. It's called, "No Excuses to a Healthier You" with Jonathan Roche. I have been participating in a 12 week fitness challenge in which you log in the number of workouts you have done for the week. I was delighted to hear my name announced. I won a free six month subscription to Roche's forum. I love Jonathan Roche's heart for busy moms. He is very encouraging. Roche used to be overweight. Now he is now fit and has run 15 Boston marathons. One can call in his show weekly and get advice and tips on becoming more fit and healthy. Roche is affiliated with The Fly Lady. His shows are broadcast live on blogtalkradio and the archives are available on iTunes.

I'm delighted with my prize. Now I will have access to running plans for free and be able to get even more advice from Roche without having to call his show.

I'm looking forward to my doctor's appointment this week. I'm hoping that there is a good prognosis for my knee injury. I want to run again someday.

Until such time, I will continue to swim. On June 28th I will take a second swimming class. My goal is to improve my breathing technique and learn to float.

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