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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Test Run-Fail

My last test run was a fail. It felt great to be running again until I woke up the next day. Ha.

I caved in and made an appointment to see a doctor at Cleveland Clinic. The sports medicine/orthopod I saw thinks I have torn my meniscus. The doctor seems very knowledgeable and he is affiliated with the FAU football team.

I am scheduled for an MRI on Monday. If the MRI shows anything I may or may not have something invasive done. Otherwise, I will start PT. "I just want to run again" I explained to the doctor. I definitely need to recover from the injury. I have difficulty carrying anything over 8-10 pounds. If I work two or more shifts at my job in a row the pain in my knee increases.

In other news, I am now a swimmer. Praise God for that. I'm also now a milk drinker. GASP. My calves were starting to hurt very badly. In the past the pain has disappeared if I have 1,200 mg of calcium pills per day. For some reason this was no longer helping me. I purchased some calcium fortified fat free lactose free milk. One eight oz. serving provides 50% of the intake of calcium recommended per day. It takes me quite a while but I am slowly able to gulp down 8 oz. I pretend it is medicine. Fortunately, I am not able to completely taste the full taste of the milk. Thankfully, my calves have ceased hurting so much. I like that I can add 16 more grams of protein to my diet for a mere total of 160 calories.


  1. Wow! I am really impressed. I have been reading your last few entries. I am trying to figure out how I can motivate myself to workout more. I am going to take swimming lessons over the summer with my sons. I am thinking of doing a simple triathalon in August.

    I also wanted to ask you a question. I am getting disgusted with the Well Trained Mind boards K-8. They seem to be more Christian bashing. Have you noticed that or is it just me? Some of the questions about people want secular curriculum are bizzare since WTM does not propose any specific religion. Your thoughts.

    Blessing to you!
    Karen aka Testimony on WTM boards

  2. Hi Karen,

    I think you ought to set a specific goal and then give yourself a reward when you meet your goal.
    Let me know if you take swimming lessons. I hope you do. I'm in the pool so much now. Fun!
    I'm looking forward to another swimming lesson that starts the end of this month. I'm hoping I can get guidance on breathing. I would love to do a triatholon one day.

    I think there is more Christian bashing than there used to be on the WTM boards. I stopped reading the boards there for many months. I started reading them again but mostly for the Running social group and the Curriculum posts. I need all the help I can get there are some helpful suggestions on the boards at times. I don't usually open the threads that are anti-Christian. I have so much to do--I don't have time to read things that aren't imparting grace to me.

    The thread that offended me the most motnhs ago was the one where people raised oppisition to people tagging a thread with CC for Christian content. As my Jamaican friends would say, "Don't make it botha you so..." You know Jesus told us we would suffer.
    Thanks for reading my blog.

    ~Another Karen~