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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reflections After the Race

I am truly glad I ran the North Creek Explorer Race on Saturday night.

I am more motivated to do more outside running and to do more challenging runs on the treadmill. I want to be able to keep up or at least see my BFL Tina and my son Jimmy if we run in a race again. :)

I am thrilled to report that I have had no knee pain since race day. Usually I work on legs at the gym on Mondays but I begged off. I wanted to be careful.

When my lungs cleared up a bit during the last mile, I probably should have worked a little harder to make up for the first two poorly run miles. I was so lonely though in the small race with its' small number of participants that I had little encouragement to kick it up a notch.

Bruce and my surrogate son Kianni seem to have the running bug now. They ran on Sunday and Monday and they'd like to sign up for the next race.

I think I will sign up for whatever race Tina does next. She's looking to run in February or March.

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  1. So glad about the good knees! LOVE you and can't wait to do the next race!